The world has become more physically disconnected than ever, so we offer Forest Bathing, Sauna, and Nature Retreats to help repair our connection to ourselves, each other, and our living world.

Silvae Spiritus: ˈsil vaɪ ˈspɪrɪtʊs – Latin, “the breathing of the forest.” A nod to the reciprocal relationship we share with trees: what trees breathe out, we breathe in; and what we breathe out, trees breathe in.

We provide guided Forest Bathing walks, Wood-fired Sauna sessions, and immersive Nature Retreats in Minnesota – each expertly-crafted to awaken your senses and invite you to reconnect with the restorative benefits of Nature.  An opportunity to refresh, reconnect, and revitalize, our guided experiences are an antidote to the pace and distraction of modern life.  Participants can expect to:

· relieve stress
· balance the psyche and emotions
· regulate high blood pressure
· reduce muscle tension and pain
· improve sleep
· slow down
· reconnect with Nature
· disentangle from technology
· invigorate immune and cardiovascular systems
· find grounded equilibrium
· practice reciprocity with the land and the beings who inhabit it
· hold space for authentic community-building

We are Nature; all are welcome here.

Custom Forest Bathing Walks + Private Sauna Sessions

Silvae Spiritus will partner with you to create a bespoke forest bathing walk or sauna experience for your favorite people - from families to friends to clubs to small non-profit organizations and small businesses.
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Unique Corporate Wellness Programs

Our corporate wellness programs are custom-tailored to suit your organization's needs and preferences, benefiting all of your teams - from the mail room to the Board room. 
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Engage each of your senses

to refresh, reconnect, and revitalize

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