|| Forest Bathing ||

the medicine of simply being in nature

Silvae Spiritus (ˈsil vaɪ ˈspɪrɪtʊs – Latin, “the breathing of the forest”) provides guided Nature and Forest Therapy walks – a practice of awakening your senses to reconnect with and enjoy the naturally healing and restorative benefits of Nature.

Crafted to refresh, reconnect, and revitalize, our walks are an antidote to the pace and distraction of modern life; an opportunity to:

*slow down*
*unplug from technology*
*reconnect with Nature*
*invigorate our immune and cardiovascular systems*
*find grounded equilibrium in our mental health*
*practice reciprocity with the land and the beings who inhabit it*

Inspired by the Japanese art & science of Shinrin-Yoku (a research-based practice of “Forest Bathing” or “taking in the forest with all of one’s senses”), our approach integrates the scientific insights gained over nearly 40 years of rigorous Japanese government-sanctioned study as well as studies from Korea, Scotland, Finland, and the United States, in addition to ancient wild-tending methods practiced for millennia by indigenous peoples worldwide, and our certifications through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.

Come walk with us; all are welcome here.

Custom Walks

Silvae Spiritus will partner with you to create a bespoke walk for your group - from families to clubs to small non-profit organizations and small businesses.
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Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness programs are custom-tailored to suit your organization's needs and preferences, benefiting all of your teams - from the mail room to the Board room. 
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Engage each of your senses

to refresh, reconnect, and revitalize

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