Dear Guests,

From the beginning, our offerings have been carefully crafted to help our communities flourish, and to help reduce the stress and anxiety that so many of us live with each day. And now, more than ever, we find it’s a real need.

The health and safety of our guests has always been a top priority; and we are happy to share how we at Silvae Spiritus are operating in response to the novel coronavirus /COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Cleanliness: We maintain a high bar for cleanliness in our spaces. We are continuing our protocols with further diligence following the guidelines provided by the Minnesota Department of Health, the CDC, using EPA certified cleaning agents. Our respected colleagues at Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna have written about how high-quality spaces of sauna are harsh to the virus itself.
  2. All Sauna Sessions Are Private Unless Designated “Community”: Our business has never been solely built up on scale of more people in a guided session. Rather, our experiences are about quality. We want to provide the highest quality sauna for even just one person who wants it. From now until further notice we have decided to provide private bookings for all guests. When you book with us you close out the space for only you and your people (up to eight). This follows proper guidelines of social distancing and offers you a chance to join and relieve any stress with your people. Our booking will still be charged per person, but with the added assurance that you will only be with your people. You are welcome to book for just one or up to eight of your closest friends and family members.
  3. Social Distancing and Masks: We follow State guidelines closely; social-distancing and mask-wearing are currently recommended solely at your own discretion.
  4. Researched Response: When the stakes are high, facts, research, and data are important. We have heard some reports that sauna can be used to cure COVID-19.  That is untrue.  We do not recommend sauna as an antidote to COVID-19. We are providing high quality sauna experiences as we know the scientific research that shows boosted immune systems. It’s a preventative measure, just like adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise.
  5. Covid-19 Quarantine Window: Any and all guests who have Covid-19 or have been in direct contact with the coronavirus (regardless of symptoms or lack thereof) within the past 14 days must reschedule to another session at least 14 days out.

Finally, sauna has been a catalyst for community building and wellness for centuries – we look forward to safely sharing space with you!


Leigha Horton & Travis Norman
Founders, Silvae Spiritus