Leigha and Travis are down-to-earth, friendly, funny people and make relaxing into the Shinrin-Yoku Walk easy and enjoyable. It took me a bit to come down from my normally caffeinated-like nervousness, but eventually I eased into the walk and the invitations given by Leigha. The evening was cool and we didn’t get to see the moon, but it was a great experience of tuning into all my senses that are normally a bit dulled in the everyday buzz. It wasn’t all serious, either, as any and all reactions and observations are welcomed. I loved that the sun set during our last sit before tea and we all enjoyed the fresh white pine tea together to close the walk. I’d recommend a walk with Silvae Spiritus to anyone and everyone.

Carin, May 18, 2019

Don’t come in with expectations. Don’t worry about what it is supposed to be. Be open to experience, be present.

It was a perfect way to fully engage with my senses and embrace experience.

Charlie, May 18, 2019

I have never had an equivalent experience in nature. I saw, felt, heard, and realized far more then I would have if I had been outside on my own. In addition to feeling more connected with the nature we visited, it was a really special way to connect with my friend as we shared the experience together. Thank you!!

Anonymous, September 21, 2018

My walk in the Crosby Farm Regional Park left me feeling calm yet energized. Each invitation is an opportunity to slow down, open your senses, reflect, and gain new insights. I loved this opportunity to connect a little more deeply with a place that is not too far from my home and see it in a new way.

Cristina, September 21, 2018