Restoring right relation with Nature; reconnecting us to ourselves, each other, and our living planet.

-Leigha Horton & Travis Norman, Silvae Spiritus co-founders

Guided Forest Bathing

photo: Leigha Horton

Forest Bathing, also known as Shinrin-Yoku or Nature & Forest Therapy, is the practice of “taking in the forest atmosphere with all of one’s senses.” Much like sun bathers soak in the sun, forest bathers soak in the forest.

Forest Bathing is a slow-moving, deeply sensory walk in Nature that has shown to result in measurable physiological, cognitive, and emotional benefits.   As with walking meditation or yoga, these activities can be practiced on one’s own and yet the benefits greatly increase with regular practice and the expertise and guidance of properly trained and certified guides.

Silvae Spiritus Forest Bathing Guides are fully certified by the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy (ANFT), and have extensive experience guiding groups large and small in nature – from urban refuges to remote wilderness, nature centers to National Parks.

Guided Sauna

Interior view of a wood sauna with windows looking out to the woods.
photo: Jon Kreye

We welcome you to an experience that honors the spirit of sauna with high-quality heat, plenty of fresh air ventilation, luxurious steam and a sense of easygoing community.

Inspired by thermic bathing traditions throughout history and across cultures, sauna is an antidote to the pace and distraction of modern life. These restorative sessions are an opportunity to refresh and revitalize while reconnecting us with ourselves, each other, and our living world.

While safety is always our first priority, we believe that each of us instinctually knows what is best for our individual bodies. We will guide you through the thermic bathing cycles of hot, cold, rest, rehydrate, repeat, encouraging you to fully tune into your senses to determine the pacing that is best for you. Perhaps there is value in pushing yourself to the edge of your regular comfort level. Perhaps there is value in longer rest periods between cycles. Perhaps you’ll find yourself in a dance between both. Whatever you need, we’re here to hold space for the unique relationship you’ll discover between yourself and your sauna experience.

Guest House

Photo of a bed with cozy bed pillows in two shades of grey, with a green plant on a side table in the background.
photo: Jon Kreye

Nestled in the Minnesota Northwoods halfway between Minneapolis / St. Paul and the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior, the Guest House at Silvae Spiritus Northwoods Nature Retreat is located 12 minutes from Banning State Park (hiking and white water rafting), 7 minutes from the Willard Munger State Bicycle Trail, and 20 minutes from Robinson Park (rock and ice climbing). Whether for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, a romantic getaway, or simply connecting with nature, these 30 acres provide woods, ephemeral ponds, and meadows with trails throughout.

The fully private, two-bedroom Guest House, attached to the owner’s home, provides easygoing luxury in a spa-like atmosphere. Special features include full kitchen fit for a several-day stay, modular living room furniture that can be easily reconfigured to open the space for yoga, dance, or group meditation, wood-burning stove, bathroom with jet tub, private balcony for enjoying sunsets, private rustic fire pit near the house for cozy nights under the stars, private campsite nestled in the woods, and optional forest bathing, wood-fired sauna, and wood-fired hot tub add-ons available beyond normal operating hours.