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Custom Forest Bathing Walks + Private Sauna Sessions

Silvae Spiritus will partner with you to create a bespoke forest bathing walk or sauna experience for your favorite people - from families to friends to clubs to small non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Custom Forest Bathing walks and private sauna sessions are a unique and memorable way to celebrate a special occasion, deepen your personal relationship with the land and re-engagement with your embodied senses, or just unwind and connect with a favorite group of people. We partner with the forest, the fire, and the steam to craft the perfect walk or sauna session for you and your group’s needs.

Explore more about custom Forest Bathing walks with Silvae Spiritus, or more about our Private Guided Sauna sessions.  See you on the trail and in the hot room!



Silvae Spiritus

Silvae Spiritus