Interbeing 02: A Music Producer’s Interactive Immersion

Friday – Sunday, September 9-11, 2022
4 pm Friday to 3 pm Sunday @ Silvae Spiritus Northwoods Nature Retreat

68441 Rhine Lake Rd Finlayson, MN 55735


  • 2 days of music education + 2 nights of camping
  • 30 acres of forest, meadows, and trails to explore
  • Creative, technical, and music business topics covered
  • Group listening & feedback sessions
  • Drum circle + woodland dance party + stargazing
  • Thermic cycling in the forest (wood-fired sauna + cold plunge + wood-fired hot tub)


Leon J is an Ableton Certified Trainer, Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, and Performer

Michael Johnson (Michaelton, Digital Nap) is a Sound Artist, Entrepreneur, and Educator 

Travis Norman (Dendrotic) is a Sound Artist and Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide

Keynote Presentations:

The Practice of Dialogue: Using Effective Communication as a Way of Being
Facilitator: Leon J

Interbeing: 02 was conceptualized to intertwine music, nature, interactivity, and healing. One commonality between each of these is how we communicate. In this first session of the retreat, we will learn principles of Dialogue (with a capital “D”) as a way of being, based on the teachings of the late physicist David Bohm. As we explore proven methods of listening, understanding, and engaging in effective Dialogue with each other, we will find a mutual resonance, setting the tone for our collective “Interbeing.”

Communicating Through Music: The Universal Language
Facilitator: Leon J

This workshop will highlight the interactivity of music and how it is a form of communication — one which transcends the barriers of spoken language. Using examples, we will explore the interplay of the individual elements that make up a song, to the relationship between each part of a song’s mix, to communicating with an audience through performance.

Facilitative Music: How to Create a Sonic Space for Self-Connection Part 1
Facilitator: Michael Johnson (Michaelton, Digital Nap)

Using Digital Nap (Ambient Music for self-connection), we will perform listening exercises and hold dialog on how to create music designed for wellness activities. Touching on neuroscience, psychology and physiology, we will explore how music and sound can interact with us to create a space. A space in which we can meditate, de-stress, focus, heal and even exercise.”

Facilitative Music: How to Create a Sonic Space for Self-Connection Part 2
Facilitator: Michael Johnson (Michaelton, Digital Nap)

In this interactive session, the group will use concepts discussed earlier in the day to create a multi-song, facilitative sound experience. If the group is interested in music business concepts, Michaelton can also explore his journey creating and launching the concepts and strategies behind Digital Nap. 


Participants ages 21+ are welcome, registration required.
$199 per person; breakfasts + dinners included


We focus on the wisdom at the center of the circle:

At Silvae Spiritus, we embrace a philosophy of personal awakening and development within a context of “progress, not perfection” – an attempt to meet people wherever they are on their journey, and an acknowledgement that each step along that path is necessary and can be offered spaciousness.

Our Interbeing Events give participants an opportunity to slow down, shift from your everyday routine, and re-focus your attention toward yourself in relation to community. In contrast to the vast majority of wellness events, ours are a more interactive experience: rather than solely absorbing what we and our guest facilitators offer, participants are invited to contribute their own insights and unique gifts, thereby co-creating a more richly nuanced and memorable experience for everyone.

One of our foundational beliefs is that when we come together to immerse ourselves in shared authenticity, a deep wisdom may be accessed; one which emanates not from any particular individual, but arises from the center of the circle: the point of intersection which joins each perspective and coalesces into something greater than, and more true than, any individual would be capable of on our own. We don’t come with any answers or prescriptions for how to best navigate these complicated times, but we are honored to hold space for the conversation to unfold.

We believe effective ecology starts with love:

Hand holding a stone covered in moss.

One of the most simple and accurate definitions of the word “love” is the expansion of self to include another. Within the context of deep ecology, the term “ecological self” describes how a natural maturation of the human is toward ever-widening fields of relevance and caring, as your self-interest expands from being just what affects you (constrained by long embedded notions of yourself as a discrete and isolated entity) to encompass your family or community or country, to eventually include what happens to Earth.

People protect what they love.

The levels of energy, buoyancy, optimism, and compassion available to a person actively enraptured in the process of falling in love are unequaled in the vast scope of human experience. This abundance is just what we will need to meet the challenges ahead. Join us at an Interbeing Event as we remember how to fall in love with Earth.

We encourage nourishment for body + mind:

All Interbeing Events at Silvae Spiritus include Nature as an active participant, not just a setting. Whether Forest Bathing, thermic cycling through the practice of Sauna + Cold Plunge, Star-gazing, Bonfire-sitting, or immersing in an ambient sound exploration, we believe an embodied interaction with the community of flora and fauna are what supports full, grounded wellness.

Physiological benefits include:

  • Boosted immune system
  • Decrease in stress hormones
  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Enhances activity of anti-cancer proteins
  • Increases parasympathetic (rest & restore) nervous system
  • Improves respiratory functions
  • Improves cardiovascular functions
  • Improvement of sleep quality

Psychological benefits include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Easing of depression
  • Improved mood / overall sense of wellbeing
  • Clarity of intention
  • Accelerates attention fatigue recovery
  • Decrease in rumination
  • Heightened sense of community
  • Enhanced empathy
  • Boosted creativity

What to expect when you arrive at an Interbeing Event:

A small teacup filled with tea in the foreground, several more teacups and a teapot in the background. The setup is outside, and lush greenery surrounds the scene.

Whether you’re new to the practices and modalities on offer, or an experienced enthusiast, and whether the totality of your experience with nature is a houseplant or you’re a lifelong wilderness backpacker, we believe that nature is for everyone and all are welcome here.

Upon arrival you will be greeted, checked-in, and given an agenda and an overview of the land and available facilities. Coffee, tea, water, and healthy snacks are always provided.

We’ll fully communicate with you to ensure you arrive prepared and have anything you might need to comfortably participate.

Questions? Contact us anytime.

“In ecology, we understand that the wellbeing of one is inseparable from the wellbeing of all… In the story of Interbeing, life is a gift. The world and everything in it is a gift.” 

— Charles Eisenstein